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  • Transformation Worship Experience 2017

  • Transformation Camp 2017

  • Door-to-door Evangelism

  • Donating Books and Charity Items

  • Mission Ground

  • Preaching in Villages

  • Open-air Gospel Crusade

  • Worship, and Nothing but Worship

  • Altar Call at a Crusade

  • School Ministry

Who are we?

We are the Transformation Army (T.A). Launched in 2012, T.A gave birth to the Transformers’ Fellowship, Kampala (TF). Since then, TA has continued to be a vehicle through which God has used young people in high institutions of learning and at the workplace…

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Why do we do it?

T.A desires to see that everyone gets an opportunity of receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, hence, the manifestation of GOD’s power both in word and deed through a morally upright and purpose driven generation, by faith.

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What do we do and where?

T.A focuses mainly on developing, empowering and nurturing students at Universities and other institutions of higher learning to be agents of positive change in this generation, nourishing the spirit and mind of young intellectuals to self discovery…

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