About Apostle Henry Ssabiiti

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Apostle Henry is a practical Bible teacher. He teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on transformation of an individual in order to cause transformation to others. His candid communication style drives the point home in the most natural way possible. He has featured on various radio broadcasts and has authored different materials that have helped many people to find hope, restoration and growth in Christ Jesus. Most of these resources have been distributed free of charge.

Apostle Henry is the lead pastor at The Transformers’ Fellowship and is the team leader of a vibrant team of Christian professionals and students from tertiary institutions called Transformation Army. Together with this team he has traversed various places, especially in the nation of Uganda, organizing evangelism crusades, school outreaches and conferences.

He is a mentor, life-coach, counselor, consultant, speaker and author. He is married to Sarah Blessed Ssabiiti, and is a father to many. 

You can click here to listen to messages by Apostle Henry or Click here to read published articles.


Twitter: @HenrySsabiiti

Facebook Username: Henry Ssabiiti

Facebook Page: Apostle Henry Ssabiiti

Blog: www.henryssabiiti.blogspot.com 

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