Ministry programs & activities

–          Lunch Hour Fellowships, Bible Study and Prayer Meetings. The aim here is to ensure that we empower ourselves spiritually in seeking God, knowing the word, growing in prayer, as well as caring for one another.  Hebrews 10:25.

–      School Ministry. The main goal here is to reach out to our young brothers and sisters with words of wisdom and the Gospel. To inspire the young generation to be like Christ. We do this by training TA members for school ministry. Using life skills as an approach to preaching the Gospel in nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, and visiting existing fellowships in schools.

–          On-campus Evangelism. This activity is geared towards winning souls to Christ, to fulfill the great commission of reaching to all with the Gospel of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). To win more members to the fellowship. We achieve this by moving to halls and hostels as an organized group, but also through individual initiatives.

–     Missions. The aim is to preach the Gospel to upcountry areas, more especially the rural. To win souls to Christ, to fulfill the great commission of reaching to all with the Gospel of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). This involves lodging in a certain area for a number of days where we hold Crusades, door-to-door preaching, school ministry, pastors and ministers’ prison visits and hospital ministry where possible.

–        Life Groups. These Life groups are designed to provide a platform for Spirit-inspired discussions in different student residences. To make the bible relevant to real life issues. To win those who can be won through dialogue. Most of our Life Groups are in student communities and this is how we get them running: Get a student residence, identify a host, appoint a leader, notify the members of the place and invite them, then follow them up for subsequent weekly meetings.

–   Sunday Services. Aim: To provide a Spirit-led service option for the people in the communities where God has placed us, especially the students. Approach: Looking out for the ‘unreached’ people that do not attend any local Church through evangelism, personal invitations and any of the above-mentioned programs.

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