Lugazi Homestone Boarding School – School Ministry

HOMESTONE – PRAISE REPORT Transformation Army and TFI in the Field – Tuesday, 24th April, 2018 MID-MORNING SESSION [11am-1pm] Amidst the heavy downpour we managed to reach Lugazi Homestone Boarding School. After losing some time as a result of the rain, we went on to meet the greater part of the student population. As usual, we gave these young people good counsel to enable them win in life at all ...
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Another Great Day at CODE High School

Wednesday, March 14th, has been another great day! Once again at CODE High School, Seeta, 14 souls were lost by the devil and won to Jesus! Hallelujah! After briefly sharing James 4:6-7, the humble students submitted themselves to God and caused the devil to flee! Bondages of all sorts have been terminated through prayer and whoever Jesus has set free this day is free indeed. Praying to God that many ...
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St. Andrews S.S.S, Lugazi – School Ministry

Transformation Army in the field… Another fruitful day! Today, Friday, 6th April 2018 we had an opportunity of reaching out to 621 students in 2 schools. Out of this population, 61 students in St. Andrews S.S.S, Lugazi and 97 students in Lugazi Progressive S.S.S boldly declared that they have surrendered their hearts to Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! Besides sharing with them the Good News, we had ample time to encourage, pray ...
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Yesterday night was so great. Transformation Army ministers represented during the overnight at CODE High School. Apostle Henry ministered in the Word and 36 students gave their lives to Christ, and there was massive deliverance and miracles of healing as a result of the intense prayers made. We were so glad to see these young people come to the front when Apostle Henry made that altar call! We laid hands ...
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December 2017 – T.A Mayuge Christmas Mission [23rd-27th]

24th December – This was not a regular construction site! We embarked on the preliminary stages of constructing a new house for a certain widow. This was our special project for this Christmas mission. The entire team began on unravelling the bricks, the engineers started working on what they know how to do…and by the end of the day we had registered progress. [The mud-house in the background is what ...
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On the evening of 1st November 2017, a team of Transformers travelled from Kampala to a village that was named “Kyemandwa”, found in Mijwaala Sub-county, Nsooga County, in Sembabule District. It was named “Kyemandwa” because of the evil activities of witchcraft and sorcery that where practiced in this village for a long time in the past. Hence, it is believed that the village possessed a lot of “mandwas” (evil spirits). The ...
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Prayer Mountain Experience 2017

The “Prayer Mountain” by itself doesn’t have any special powers, but what we do when we get there is a life-changer! This year’s Prayer Mountain Experience was like nothing we’ve ever seen! To start with, we didn’t anticipate that we would have an altar call but it happened; for some people it was the day they surrendered their hearts to Jesus Christ, and others had an affirmation of their faith ...
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Transformation Worship Experience 2017

What a day it was! We spent the entire day in “Worship and Nothing but Worship”. We lifted up our hands, raised our voices, poured out our hearts, bowed and prostrated before Him…and did whatever we could do to express our reverence to the King of kings. As usual God proved himself faithful and great! In addition to the wonderful heavenly atmosphere that impacted our spirits, bodies and souls, we ...
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“Forget Not” Thanksgiving Celebration 2017

We often tend to forget so quickly the great things that have happened in our lives as a result of God’s salvation…BUT on SUNDAY, 27th August 2017 we intentionally chose to remember the things God has done. Picking inspiration from God’s Word in Psalms 103:2, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits”, we intentionally went down memory lane to remember the things God has done ...
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August 2017 – Masaka Transformation Mission 2017

3rd-6th August We set camp at Mpugwe, 11 miles from Masaka town. We thank God for the victory He gave us as we brought down strongholds of Islam, Catholicism and witchcraft. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely very much worth it. We visited schools, preached door-to-door, home-to-home, garden-to-garden, and held open-air crusades for 3 days. On Sunday, the bigger part of the team had a marvelous service at New ...
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