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It is a golden opportunity for us to speak to the young blood of Uganda, for we know that not everyone gets an opportunity to stand before these children among which are many important people presently (and in future) to our country, and the world at large. For us we see it as a chance to save one more person.

We use all sorts of transport means to reach as many learners as possible. In as much as this can really be tiresome, to us it is fulfilling. Sometimes we cry because of seeing what we have lost in the end yet we could have saved it in the beginning. Some children never become who they should be because no one helped them to realize it.

Many pupils lack self-confidence. For most, their self-esteem has been suffocated by evil beliefs because of words people have said to them in the past. In some areas it is almost shameful for a young girl to stand up and confess that she is beautiful simply because no one told her so! Whereas some of us get the opportunity of knowing how special we are, may be from our pastors or parents, some child out there has never had it. All he grew up hearing were words of curses from the step-parent, aunt and sometimes teachers. There are pupils who believe they are stupid and dull because their teacher said so. Others have their self-worth already suffocated to an extent that they cannot utter out anything in class. Then how can such a child shoot out in life? By telling them how special they are, we ignite up a light in the midst of their darkness. They start seeing beyond insults and to believe they can make it in life. Seeing many put up their hands when asked the kind of goal they have set for the future makes us forget the tiresome boda-boda journeys on the rocky roads. We know it is for a purpose. What they never got from their parents or teachers, they get from us.

Talk about sexuality; sex is not fully addressed in schools. Some teachers simply call it ‘bad manners.’ This shows how parents and teachers have neglected the subject of sexuality thinking their children are so young yet they are not! In a survey we carried out in a class of 60 pupils, more than half the class secretly confessed that they were not virgins. Now how can we keep hiding the reality from our children yet they face it every day? It is the reason this topic is part of our school ministry manual.

In addition to self -esteem, sexuality, goal setting and career guidance, we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these children and they give their lives to Christ. Glory to God for the awakened dreams and potential in these youngsters through school ministry. In these very schools we also speak to teachers on how to handle these children; which ways they know but had neglected. We also speak to them about Jesus Christ, for heaven is not speaking to the children alone.

In all this we give the glory to God for it is not by power or might but the grace and Spirit of God.

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