Transformation Army

Who are we?

We are the Transformation Army (T.A). Launched in 2012, T.A gave birth to the Transformers’ Fellowship, Kampala (TF). Since then, TA has continued to be a vehicle through which God has used young people in high institutions of learning and at the workplace to impact universities, schools and communities. Transformation Army is a vibrant evangelistic team of God’s soldiers that organize Evangelism missions, Gospel events and School ministry outreaches. It comprises hundreds of university students as well as young professionals. Transformation Army is called and committed to this purpose: “Transforming Our Generation” for God’s Glory. Unlike other armies that fight endless physical battles/wars, T.A fights a war of emptying hell and hence, filling heaven.  We are born-again.

Vision: A transformed generation with the manifestation of God’s power in word and in deed.

Mission: To empower and equip the young generation to successfully reach their destiny as winners in all aspects of life and to be agents of positive change.

Transformation Army is driven by the following core values:

1. Team work for God’s glory

2. Integrity as per the standard of Christ Jesus

3. A genuine passion to serve God and His people

4. Respect for people as God’s precious image

5. Honesty in our words and actions

What do we do and where?

T.A focuses mainly on developing, empowering and nurturing students at Universities and other institutions of higher learning to be agents of positive change in this generation, nourishing the spirit and mind of young intellectuals to self discovery and utilizing their potential. T.A is dedicated to changing rural and urban communities as well as the young generation in schools, and commitment is our adrenalin as we go to:

– Universities

– Schools

– Rural and Urban Communities

– The Work Place

Why do we do it?

T.A desires to see that everyone gets an opportunity of receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, hence, the manifestation of GOD’s power both in word and deed through a morally upright and purpose driven generation, by faith.

Who is it for and with who?

The call for transforming our generation is for everyone regardless of their background and beliefs and this necessitates you and I working mutually to see this cause become reality. It’s a Joint effort.

How do we do it?

We empower and equip individuals and different communities through strategies that include evangelism missions, prayer programs, life groups, life skills implementation, school outreaches, meeting people’s physical needs and many others and are driven by love.

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