The Transformers’ Fellowship is a local church in Uganda, based in the capital, Kampala. TF has weekly programs and activities that aim at ensuring that God’s children are well-nurtured to attain progressive growth and development in every area of their lives. Besides the Sunday Services, there are lunch hour fellowships, Bible Study meetings, prayer meetings, evangelism programs and mid-week services, to mention but a few. All these programs are integrated into the Campus Fellowships as well to accommodate the student membership of the Transformers’ Fellowship in Kyambogo University and Kampala International University, both of which are located in Kampala, Uganda.


Through all the various programs and activities, the faithful saints are encouraged to Discover, Love and Serve. Apostle Henry, and his wife Sarah Blessed take on the role of pastoring this flock, assisted by various leaders.

The Transformation Music Ministry (TMM) is the department of the Transformation Army/Transformers’ Fellowship that serves as the Praise and Worship Team. Nevertheless, it is more than just that; it is a composition of worshipers that are not only talented, but also anointed and called to lead people in passionate worship.

The ministry human resource is categorized as follows:

  • Student membership: These members are pursuing their studies in high school or at the university.
  • The Transformed Professionals: These members are university graduates and come from a wide range of professional fields.
  • The Transformed Marrieds
  • Transformation Army Associates: This category comprises ministry friends and partners.

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